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10 Amazing ‘Cheap-Eats’ in London

October 29, 2015
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As much as it’s nice to splash out occasionally, the reality of living in London means searching out the amazing cheap-eats that you can frequent more often.

Here are some of my favourites…

Franco Manca 

Probably one of the best pizza places in London – this place is so good they’ve tripled in size in the last year alone. I have right below my apartment – so I consider myself an expert on the topic. My favourite toppings? Goats Cheese Curd and Caramelised Red Onion. The average pizza is about £7.

Home Slice

Another pizza place (might as well group them together right?). This is less fancy but more New Yorky. Still yummy though, and lots of choice. I’ve frequented the Shoreditch branch a few times and it’s always delicious.

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Beigel Bake

Mmmm, literally drooling just thinking about this one. So much bread and carbs and meat. Yum. As close to an NYC beigel that you’ll find in London. Close to Brick Lane, so good option if you’re planning a day in the east-end.

Bao Bar Soho

Haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve seen photos – and I’m convinced it’ll be delicious when we finally get round to going. £3.50 per bun, which means you can have like A MILLION buns.

Dirty Burger

A grab and go kinda place, I’ve tried a few burgers from here and never been disappointed. For the price, it’s a solid delivery of burgerness.

Borough Market

I won’t bother listing off all the options here – because there are SO MANY. But most meals are under £8 – and bloody delicious. If you sense of smell is good and you smell creamy cheesy amazingness – try and track it down because it’s coming from this stand where they do posh cheese toasties and ohmygod it’s the best thing ever.

Meza, Tooting

This place is a bit further out of central London, but if you love Lebanese food (or just middle eastern food in general) you’re going to adore it here. £12 on a weekend gets you a feast of amazingness.